Agioi Apostoloi, Chania


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Frequently asked questions

What is included in the room price?

In the room price is included the use of a/c, safety box and wi-fi. Beach towels can be offered free of charge
There are no hidden costs or extra charges.

Room servicing and proper use of bath towels

The rooms are serviced daily except Sundays. Your room will not be serviced if you have the "do not disturb" sign, or if you will be inside the room at the time of servicing. Clean towels and linen will be provided to you often during your stay.

Your room is being serviced with certified hypoallergic products.

However, companies over the years have been using stronger ingredients and coloring additives to their products (especially tanning lotions) that are near impossible to remove from towels and bed linen. We would kindly ask our guests to avoid using the room towels before they shower as the stains will make the towels impossible to clean and therefore unusable. On the contrary using the towels after shower to remove any traces of lotion left on the body is a lot easier for us to clean.
The hotel can provide you with beach and pool towels free of charge.

How can i rent a car ? Is there a free parking near the hotel ?

There is free parking area just outside the hotel. Your car can be delivered in the hotel, the airport or any other location. Amongst the most reliable car rental services are "let's drive" at and "timecar" at

Fully insured cars in mint condition.

Airport transfer: Airport taxi or private transfer ?

Both ways of arriving or departing from the hotel are convenient depending on your needs. if you are more than 4 persons or you value the extra space of a mini-van the private transfer is a great way to go. Visit for more details and the option to book a transfer.

Airport taxis is also a common option from and to the hotel. Like the private transfer, all the cars are air-conditioned and in good condition. if you are more than 4 persons or you have 4 big suitcases you will need 2 taxis and that will probably cost more than a private transfer. There can also be a small waiting time in the airport taxi station until you get serviced.
All the drivers (taxi and private) are very polite, helpful and speak English.

What is the hotel's pricing and cancellation policy ?

The hotel offers a 20% discount for direct bookings via our website. We accept all credit cards. Upon confirmation, the reservation cost will be charged usually within 3 business days

The hotel follows a 15 day cancellation policy. For cancellations 15 or more days prior to the arrival day, a full refund will be offered to the guest.

What is the minimum and maximum stay ?

The minimum stay currently is 7 days and the maximum 28 days

Can the hotel take care of our laundry ?

We can take care of your laundry usually within the same or next day at an extra cost.

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